WK 2017

2017 World Highland Games Invitational Heavy Events Championships
Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd of September 2017

David Webster

David Webster

The Dutch and Belgium Highland Games Federation is greatly honoured to be selected to host the 2017 World Highland Games Invitational Heavy Events Championships. These Championships are invitational, with the world’s best 10 heavyweight athletes being invited to compete for the prestigious title. The Championships are officially registered and sanctioned by David Webster O.B.E. The Championships have been held all over the world since 1980, and on the list of champions many great names, such as Geoff Capes, England (6 time winner), Jim McGoldrick, USA (x5), Ryan Vierra, USA (x5), Matt Sandford, Australia (x5) and Dan McKim, USA (x3).

Scottish and Celtic Festival in Hank
The World Highland Games Invitational Heavy Events Championships will be held in the Dutch city of Hank, a small village in Brabant, with just 3.500 inhabitants. In 2017 the 15th year anniversary of the Scots and Celtic Festival, organised by the Scottish Heavy Events Association, will be celebrated as well. Since 2003 the finals of the Dutch and Belgian competition for the National championships Highland Games are held in Hank. The organization has a long tradition in hosting Highland Games and is honoured in participating in this major event in 2017. The site of the festival is situated at the border of the Dutch National Park of the ‘Hollandse Biesbosch’.

The World Highland Games Heavy Events Championships were officially registered at Stationers Hall, London in 1973 by David Webster. Webster first became involved in organising Games in 1947 and his first major international Games was in 1963 when 1,500 competitors participated in the Boys Brigade World Highland Games. This was the first of many world tours and interest was so great that the idea of a World Championship was born during a successful tour of Australia in 1972. With the Championships being officially registered in 1973, Webster consolidated the heavy events over the next few years with numerous international TV appearances to gain the profile sought by sponsors. The first World Championships actually took place in 1980, in Los Angeles and have been held ever since. It is an invitational event, to ensure that only the best compete against the best. Webster has an Advisory Council who help with organising such a prestigious event.

The 2017 World Highland Games Invitational Heavy Events Championships will have a total of 8 throwing events throughout the day. They are;

  1. 16lb Scottish Hammer
  2. 22lb Scottisch Hammer
  3. 56lb weight for distance
  4. 28lb weight for distance
  5. 16lb open stone
  6. 22lb Braemar stone
  7. 56lb weight for height
  8. Tossing the caber

The invitations has been send to the best Scottish Heavyweight athletes in the World.  We are looking forward to seeing an enthralling battle of the world’s best “Heavies” with ground records and possibly one or two world records, likely to be broken.

Been invited are:

  1. Dan McKim (USA)*
  2. Scott Rider (ENG)*
  3. Matt Doherty (CAN)*
  4. Spencer Tyler (USA)*
  5. Heidar Heisi Germundsson (ISL)*
  6. Craig Sinclair (SCO)
  7. Lorne Coulthart (SCO)*
  8. Sinclair Patience (SCO)*
  9. Vladislav Tulacek (CZ)*
  10. Pieter Karst Bouma (NL)*
  11. Lukasz Wenta (POL)*
  12. Daniel Dorow (D)*

* = confirmed

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Impressie Scottish and Celtic festival in Hank 2013